Firestorm Fire Protection

Protecting Australian people, assets, and premises with a comprehensive range of fire protection solutions.

What We Do

Firestorm is a leading Australian fire suppression systems installation and service contractor with a reputation for innovation, performance, quality and reliability.

Since 2004 Firestorm Fire Protection Pty Limited has been providing fire protection equipment to the underground coal mining industry. After cementing our reputation in this sector, we expanded into all areas of coal mining, including specialising in innovative fire suppression systems. Our R&D program and international sourcing has allowed us to introduce innovative systems to the Australian marketplace that support a range of domestic markets including Construction, Marine, Forestry, Special Hazards, Public Transport, Light Vehicles, Commercial and Hospitality.

We have taken steps to gradually expand so that our goals do not threaten our corporate longevity. Underpinning and driving the success of the company over the last ten plus years are two fundamental business objectives:

  • Build and maintain a satisfied customer base through quality service, trust and respect
  • Create long term relationships with clients, suppliers and most importantly employees.

These primary objectives have instilled a positive team culture and staff loyalty, and established a solid long term customer base built on repeat business.

Firestorm Fire Protection is a full member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia and supports the FPAA Code of Practice.

Firestorm Fire Suppression Systems

Firestorm offers a range of fire suppression systems to suit many applications. Designs and installations reference AS5062, MDG15, AS4587 and best practice.

VDAS LOP System (Low Pressure AFFF)

The VDAS LOP System is a pre-engineered fire suppression system which discharges a pre-determined quantity of extinguishing agent through a network of strategically arranged fixed nozzles. VDAS LOP Systems are typically installed on mobile and transportable equipment to protect personnel and equipment from the dangers and damages that can result from a fire. They are designed to suppress fires quickly and to reduce the likelihood of re-ignition.

The loss of pressure method is used to actuate the VDAS LOP system. When the fire suppression system is put into service, the system is pressurized to a working pressure of 1,350 kPa (refer to the LOP Design and Installation Manual for more details). The force from this pressure keeps the LOP valve closed. Fire suppression systems are primarily intended to suppress fires by eliminating the supply of oxygen, Category A fuel sources, Category B flammable substances, and isolating ignition sources.

High Pressure Systems

Fogmaker (High Pressure AFFF) System is a water mist, high pressure fire suppression system for engine rooms and semi-enclosed spaces. Visit our Fogmaker site for more information.

AFEX systems include dual-agent, liquid agent or dry-chemical agent for heavy, mobile equipment. Visit our AFEX site for more information.

Fire Equipment

Firestorm supplies a full range of commercial sprinkler systems, fire depot equipment and undertakes annual servicing of all your fire equipment. We offer highly competitive service rates and FPA-accredited services, and will ensure you meet the requirements for your home, fleet, building or workshop.

  • Sprinklers. We supply commercial sprinkler systems and undertake system design, installation, service and repairs. Our qualified staff have more than 20 years experience in the sprinkler and hydraulic industry and are more than capable of carrying out your next install.
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers. Firestorm supply and service all types of portable fire extinguishers and accessories, including:
    • Dry Chemical Powder (ABE & BE types)
    • Carbon Dioxide C02
    • Foam
    • Water
    • Wet Chemical
    • Mobile Trolley Mounted Extinguishers (ABE, AFFF & CO2).
  • Heavy Duty Vehicle Brackets. We supply a full range of accessories, including vehicle brackets and covers.
  • Lay Flat Hoses. We supply and service all types of Layflat Fire Hose and a range of hose fittings. We have onsite pressure testing facilities compliant to AS1851.9 in our Rutherford and Mudgee facilities allowing for prompt turnaround times.
  • Fire Blankets. We supply all types fire blankets. We will ensure your workplace is safe with appropriate solutions for your kitchen, lunch room or commercial kitchens.

Risk Assessments & Compliance Checks

Firestorm can provide or assist with risk assessments for all of your fire assessment needs.

We are qualified to perform annual fire checks for your business or assets and produce compliance reports and certifications that meet the national fire regulations for businesses.

We undertake fire equipment site assessments for Annual Fire Safety Statements. The inspection will certify that the listed Fire Safety Measures are serviced and operating properly under Australian Standard AS 1851 – 2005, but that they also comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the installation provisions of the Australian Standards.

We are full members of the Fire Protection Association of Australia and support the FPAA Code of Practice.