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    Firestorm Fire Protection is a leading provider of fire protection services in Australia. We develop and install specialised fire suppression systems for a range of applications in the mining, construction, transport, forestry, commercial and manufacturing industries.

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  • Lightweight water mist fire suppression systems. Smaller, lighter and more compact than conventional foam fire systems. Up to 3 times more effective than gas and powder systems.

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  • Workplace cooling, humidity control and dust suppression. Fixed and portable misting solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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  • Dual agent fire protection systems combining the benefits of dry chemical with a liquid agent. Specifically designed for heavy equipment.

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Who we are

Firestorm Fire Protection is an industry-leading operator in fire protection. We have an integrated network of fire suppression for a wide range of applications.

Established in 2004, Firestorm initially specialised in fire suppression systems servicing the underground coal mining industry. We supply fire suppression systems to the mining & heavy industry, construction, equipment and transport sectors. We also supply commercial fire sprinkler systems and mandatory equipment such as fire cylinders, hoses and related fire depot gear as well as full annual servicing. We undertake fire risk assessments for properties and businesses.

The Firestorm Group continually research, source and test emerging and innovative technology. After cementing our reputation in mining, we expanded into the construction, forestry, transport, manufacturing, construction and commercial sectors where we have now undertaken thousands of installations for vehicles, plant, equipment and premises. Our innovative Fogmaker water mist cylinders for engine rooms and semi-enclosed spaces are widely installed throughout the Australian construction, underground mining sector and transport sectors.

As part of our extensive international R&D program, we have sourced and secured exclusive Australian distribution rights to the internationally-recognised AFEX fire suppression system. Our solutions network also offers cooling, dust-suppression and odour-control via our Natural Cool brand.

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